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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Positive Reviews

I was participating in a discussion a while back with some other bloggers and readers about positive vs. negative reviews, and I was surprised to learn that the majority of them said that they don't trust bloggers who give only or mostly positive reviews. This doesn't sit well with me because I have a niche. I read books by authors that I already like and in genres that I like, so why should I constantly be reading books that I don't like. It doesn't add up. I suppose it might if I were more eclectic, but, as is, I give four or five zombie reviews to most of the books that I read because I only pick up a book if I think that it'll be decent, and I'm usually right.

What I don't understand is why me liking most of the books that I have decided to read is a problem. Am I supposed to read terrible books, or books in genres that I would normally avoid, just so that people will trust my reviews and not think that I'm trying to suck up to authors or sugar coat things? And the fact that I know some of these people IRL makes it even worse. Shouldn't they trust my reviews because they know me? I guess not.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you guys only trust blogs that give out a lot of two and three star ratings? If so, why?