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Monday, September 12, 2011

REVIEW: The Ghoul Next Door by Lisi Harrison

Cleopatra de Nile:

New pet snake
Has Deuce-the hottest guy in school-wrapped
Herve Leger bandage dress, strappy gold platforms

Cleo was the queen bee of the RADs, the normies, and everyone in between at Merston High. But now it's "Frankie this" and "Melody that" . . . these new girls sure know how to get her lashes in a tangle. When Cleo lands a Golden Teen Vogue photo opp for her friends everything seems to be back on track...until they bail to be in some film . . . Frankie and Melody's film! Can't a royal get some loyal?

Frankie Stein:
Frankie lost her head over Brett once and vows never to do it again. Not that she has a choice. Bekka is clinging to her guy like saran. But when Brett comes up with a plan that could help the RADS live freely, sparks fly. And Bekka will stop at nothing to put out their flames. Even if it means destroying the entire monster community.

The clock is tick-tick-ticking away. Melody has a serious deadline to save her boyfriend, Jackson, from being exposed by the vengeance-seeking Bekka. But Cleo is making it royally difficult for the normie while threatening her acceptance into their exclusive group. A group that melody suspects she has more in common with than she even thought.

Book: The Ghoul Next Door by Lisi Harrison
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Young Adult
Series: Monster High, #2
Obtained: From the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Rating:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket (4 Zombies)

The Monster High books are in no way deep or challenging, but they're always a lot of fun and a quick read. While The Ghoul Next Door wasn't quite as good as it's predecessor, Monster High, it was still a nice light, fluffy read to get my mind away from some of the darker stuff I've been reading lately.

TGND stars Cleo, Frankie, and Melody from the previous book, and I'm really glad that, while Harrison chose to add Cleo's POV, she didn't take away those of Frankie and Melody, who I had really enjoyed in the first book. Frankie will eternally be my favorite. (I hate picking favorites, but she's just awesome, other than her Justin Bieber love. Hate that kid.)

The plot was slightly unbelievable in points, but since this is a series I go to for its fluff, I didn't really mind. It's hard to find anything at all believable in these books, but they're adorable and I don't care. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone looking for anything amazingly emotional and action-packed, but if you just want something fun to reset your pallet, this series is a great place to look.