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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Brief Essay on Change for the 13 to Life Contest

I'm not really sure how long 'brief' is supposed to be, so I'm just going to guess. Hope it's not too long or too short. Hm. My English teachers always said that five paragraphs is a good length, but they also assigned ten page essays that obviously weren't supposed to have two page paragraphs. And they liked MLA, so I think that automatically discredits most of them, since MLA formatting is of the devil. Or at least one of his minions. Let's just say it's bad. Well, then, on with the essay!


Changes can be good or bad, but most are a mix of the two. Some are bitter with a hint of sweet, like finding out you have cancer and getting to meet your favorite celebrity; some are sweet with a hint of bitter, for example, going to get ice cream and eating so much of your favorite flavor that you get a stomach ache. Okay, I know that my examples are completely different in that the first is much more major and the second is kind of petty. You get the point. There aren't a lot of changes that are purely one or the other.

Since this essay is supposed to be about a change that I went through that worried me at first but turned out to be fine, I should probably add an example that actually happened to me. The ice cream thing doesn't count. My nice little anecdote for today shall be about my reading choices.

A few years back, I read mostly hardcover mainstream books, fiction and non-fiction both, and they were expensive, to say the least. My local librarian really pissed me off (a story for another time), so I stopped going to the library for anything aside from things I needed for school, and I was spending most of my money on books that only took me an hour or two to read like memoirs and biographies, etc.

My dad, being the control freak that he is, decided that I would no longer like to read such expensive, short books. So, in a spurt of adolescent rebellion, I decided to pick up a book that I thought he would disapprove of more than anything else: a paranormal romance. Sex, vampires, skimpily clad babes on the cover, very trashy. And guess what, I loved it.

I've since moved on to darker urban fantasies with less sex and more plot, and some light and fluffy young adult (and some not light and fluffy young adult), but I still like PNR. These days I rarely read anything without a paranormal aspect, and I love my books. All of this happened because of a change that I was furious and worried about.

And there's five paragraphs, the ideal high school English teacher essay length, except for when they want something else. Which is about fifty percent of the time. Okay, maybe my teachers were slightly off when they said that most essays should be five paragraphs. I kinda like it, though, 'cause it's short, and short usually equals easy. Easy and I are friends. Very close friends, actually; in fact, we're thinking about going out.

Hm. After much deliberation, I pronounce this



stacey said...

I love Paranormal two its the best.been reading it four about 4 years before that all i Read was Sci fi for about 20 years or more it was a big change for me.

Cade Crowley said...

@Stacey: I'm glad that you found paranormal. It is the best :D

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