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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Brief Essay on Sarah's Book Choices for the 13 to Life Contest

Sarah Luxom's Reading List

All of Sarah's reading choices reflect her state of mind at the time, and her mental condition. As she grows closer and closer to the girl she was before June 17, Sarah's books become darker and more philosophical. In order, the books she read over the course of 13 to Life are: Sense and Sensibility, Great Expectations, The Great Gatsby, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Catcher in the Rye.

Our choice of reading material reflects our state of mind because, obviously, if you're feeling sad because your dog just died, you aren't going to be in the mood for a fluffy chick lit novel; more likely you'll be looking for something darker, with a more reflective tone, like an fantasy or sci-fi, because the tones used by the authors would be, more than likely, closer to the tone that you're using inside your head at the time. Likewise, if you're on vacation in Miami, lounging on the beach, you probably won't want to read a long, thoughtful high fantasy; chick lit and young adult are better choices for the beachy mood because they're generally less insightful and easier reads.

Based on these assumptions, Sarah will probably continue to struggle to reconcile the personality that she's developed since the accident with the one she had before, and as such, will likely have more outbursts like the one she had after riding ATVs with the Rusakovas, unless something happens to change the path that she is currently on, mentally.

As you can see, this essay is shorter than the previous ones. There is a reason for this: I. Hate. Philosophy. This essay has way too many philosophical points for me to enjoy delving deeper into the topic, so instead I'll just keep it short and save my brain's energy for writing something that I enjoy. Yay. At least I got in a good three paragraphs, four if you want to count this one. But hey, it's supposed to be brief, right? I think this is brief.

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Shannon Delany said...

It's brief and you made your point pretty clearly. ;-)


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