What's Happening?

What's Happening?

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prologue Screenplay for 13 to Life Contest


          JESSICA is brushing her horse, RIO's mane, and her dogs,
          MAGGIE and HUNTER, are sleeping next to a bag of feed. The
          barn is well kept, but not commercial, and slightly old.

          RIO stiffens and stamps her feet.

                    What, girl?

          RIO shakes her head, jerking the brush away from JESSICA.


          JESSICA keeps her hand on RIO as she walks to the other side
          of the horse to search for the brush. Everything is
          completely quiet. Then MAGGIE and HUNTER jump up and rush at
          the door, barking loudly. Horses whiny and stamp their feet.
          in their stalls. Hay crackles under their feet.

                    What the--?

          JESSICA pets RIO's nose.

                    Shhh. It's okay, girl. Everything's

          JESSICA leaves RIO's stall and walks over to MAGGIE and
          HUNTER. She grabs their collars and looks through the narrow
          opening between the barn's doors. The barn yard is silent,
          but the dogs are still restless.

          Lights bathe the space in white, unnatural brightness.
          JESSICA can hear her father laughing at the television
          inside the house, and he turns the volume up. JESSICA looks
          down at the dogs, knowing that her father can't hear her if
          she needs help, and the dogs won't do much good.

          JESSICA promises snacks to her dogs and notes the absence of
          bats and insects. She sees something out of the corner of
          her eyes and stumbles back, loosing her grip on the dogs'

          The dogs whine and JESSICA grabs a pitchfork that had been
          leaning against the wall.

          A BEAST shoves at the other side of the doors and JESSICA
          can hear it sniffing. Its nose is visible between the doors,
          big and black, with just a hint of reddish fur behind it.
          The dogs cower behind JESSICA. She notices long and jagged
          teeth bared below the nose.

          BEAST snorts and then disappears. JESSICA gasps, looks down
          at the pitchfork in her hands, laughs, and winks at her

                    Probably just old Monroe's dog
                    Harold anointing everbody's fence

          MAGGIE and HUNTER wag their tails nervously. JESSICA
          replaces the pitchfork and tidies up the barn, hesitating
          before she turns off the lights.

                    Come on, Hunter. That's a good
                    girl, Maggie.

          JESSICA walks quickly to the house, flanked by her dogs. She
          closes the door and locks it, and turns around to see HUNTER
          and MAGGIE waiting for the promised snacks.

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Shannon Delany said...

This is terrific, Cade! You handled it very professionally and stuck to the spirit of the scene beautifully.


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