What's Happening?

What's Happening?

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Review Policy

Last Update:  10/29/2011

If you're an author or publisher looking to get a book reviewed, I accept ARCs/Galleys/manuscripts as well as review copies of previously published books in the following genres:
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult
    • Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
    • Nothing too technical, please.
  • Dystopian
  • Historical (Less often than others.)
    • Paranormal
    • Young Adult
    I'm completely comfortable with reading and reviewing GLBT in any of the above genres, but I won't generally read ANY erotica, though I carefully consider all requests. If you think your book is right for Braintasia Books, feel free to contact me and ask about it; you never know, I may say yes.

    I WILL accept indie/self-published books in the above genres.

    I WILL accept ebooks, preferably in .mobi format, since I have a Kindle. I hate PDFs, but if the book sounds interesting, I'll usually take them.

    I will NOT accept anthologies, with the exception of those containing stories by authors whose works have already been reviewed on this blog.

    I can't guarantee that I will read your book in any specific amount of time because I am college student with a widely varying course load, so depending on how many units I'm taking and what they are, it can take a few days for me to read a book or a few weeks, and I have quite a few non-review books to read as well as what is sent to me.

    At this time, I cannot guarantee that I will read all books accepted for review, though hard copies have a much better chance of getting read than ebooks.

    All reviews will be posted on this blog and GoodReads, as well as any other requested venue.

    All requests are all greatly appreciated, and I will try to accept as many as possible. Chances are, if you ask, I'll accept. I'm not very picky at all.

    Thank you for considering my site, and I hope you'll contact me.

    Contact Information can be found HERE.