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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've had my ebook of I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore for a long time now. Like, months. Since about a week after it came out. And I've been meaning to read it "soon" the entire time. But since I love Alex Pettyfer, and my Friday is open, I'm going to see the movie version as soon as I can. Which means that, first, I have to read the book.

I'm just weird like that. Before watching a movie, I usually make myself read the book. There are a few exceptions, such as Inkheart (OMG PAUL BETTANY IS SO HOTT), but for the most part I like to read the book first. I Am Number Four will not be an exception.

I started reading I Am Number Four the day before yesterday, but only got in a few pages yesterday since I was so busy. I've been spoiled on a certain event at the end of the book, which kind of sucks since I've spent the entire book dreading said event.

So far, I Am Number Four is good. Not great, not terrible; just good. There have been a few glaring mistakes, and a few OMG, this is beautiful moments. They kind of cancel each other out, as far as I've read. I'll probably finish it tomorrow morning and I will be sad because one of my favorite characters dies. *sad face*

I can't tell you how many pages into the book I am, since I'm reading it on my Kindle, which only says what percentage of the book I've completed. I'm 82% of the way through, according to my Kindle, which can be wrong on occasion, but is usually fairly accurate. So, basically, I'm almost done. Besides the baddies, there is not a single character in this book that I actually dislike, which is a major accomplishment.

At this point, I'm looking forward  to the second book, but my excitement is lessened due to the fact that, barring Lazarus Syndrome, my favorite character won't be in it. I am confident that I will sob lots and lots when this character dies, unless there are other people in the room, in which case I will just sniffle and hope that I can pass it off as a cold.

Happily, I will finish I Am Number Four (finally) by the time I go see the movie on Friday. From what I've seen in the trailers, the movie is very loosely based on the book, but it has THREE of my favorite actors. Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant (Loving this season of Justified!! Still need to see the second episode, though >:(  ), and Jake Abel (for those of you who don't know, I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, and Jake Abel played Adam, far too briefly, IMO.)

Yes, this post has had an overabundance of parentheses. Please forgive me for this. I happen to be a fan.

How many of you have to read books before watching movies, or vice versa? Have you read I Am Number Four yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the book in general, and on the death of my freakin' favorite character at the end? (I'm sure you can guess who this is if you've read the book, but please don't spoil it for the readers who haven't.) What do you think of the casting decisions? I for one, disapprove of the casting of Teresa Palmer as Number Six. Six is described as having a Hispanic appearance, and Teresa Palmer may be gorgeous, and who knows how she acts (I haven't seen her in anything), but she's definitely white. Thoughts on this?

I'll quit rambling now. Hopefully. Yeah, I think that's it XD